I hope to travel more in 2022. This is how I save it

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It’s all about haste and prioritization.

  • Many people want to get out and travel more in 2022.
  • I hope to free up more money for travel by working more, spending less on secondary things, and increasing credit card rewards.

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In early 2020, my husband and I booked a wonderful vacation in Alaska for that summer – a vacation that we never managed to take due to the pandemic. This summer, the kids and I made several shorter trips. But we were not happy with the idea of ​​taking several planes and boarding a cruise ship for two weeks, so we did not reschedule this trip.

I hope that by the summer of 2022, things will be fine enough to make this dream trip possible. If not, then I hope to make at least a little more travel next year than in 2021. But for this I need to start saving money from the beginning of the year. Here’s how I plan to increase my travel budget.

1. More work

As a freelance writer, I have the opportunity to complete additional assignments and increase my income. Right now, all my extra earnings are going to top up the funds I took from my emergency fund when my air conditioner broke down and needed to be completely replaced. But luckily I have had good results here and so once that money is returned, any additional money I earn will be in cash and I hope I can set it aside for travel.

2. More economical budget planning.

There are a number of things that I regularly spend money on that are not considered a significant expense, like takeout food and entertainment, to name a couple. I have no plans to ditch these spending categories this year, but I can cut costs to free up more travel money.

However, if I can increase my income enough, I cannot cut too drastically what brings me joy day in and day out. I have a preference for travel, but I also do not want to deprive myself of these modest indulgences.

3. Judicious use of your credit card.

While I use credit cards for almost every purchase I make — or at least every purchase where credit card payments are available — I am not always good at increasing credit card rewards. I have a universal card with a fairly generous basic reward program, so I tend to charge most of my purchases from it. This makes it easier to keep track of my expenses and benefits.

But since I want to travel more this year, I’m willing to take the time to maximize my credit card rewards. This means that I can distribute my purchases across different cards based on specific incentives. I can also try to cash in on at least one generous sign up bonus, as the lump sum of cash could have offset my travel expenses.

Finally, I am planning to apply for a travel rewards credit card. I actually closed one of these cards during the pandemic because it was charged an annual fee and I didn’t really use it. Having a travel rewards card can make flying to any location I choose less expensive, especially if that card has perks such as free checked baggage.

Will you be traveling more in 2022?

Many people stayed at home in 2020 and postponed travel plans for 2021 as the delta option reared its ugly head. But now that COVID-19 vaccines are available to a wider segment of the population (young children) and revaccinations offer increased protection, more people may want to map out routes for 2022.

If that’s your plan, do yourself a favor and start saving up for travel now. That way, money shouldn’t be what stops you from seeing places on your list.

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